Corner Lot in Av. Colosio and Highway

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
For Sale $6,000,000 - Land For Sale, Luxury Properties ($1M+)
MLS #03645 13519 Sq M

Located in Federal Highway. (Playa del Carmen to Cancun and Tulum) with 13,518.893 m2. 70 mts highway front in one of the most important avenues in town.


Land divided (by a street that has its middle towers high voltage) in two areas of three lots with a total of 13,518.893 M2

The first area is 3,630.05 m2 first batch and is located in front of the federal highway from Playa del Carmen to Cancun in 66.83 m linear and one side looks Colosio Avenue (4 lanes) at 52.30 meters.
Between these two there is a street lots (50 west) on the same q is passing high voltage towers of the CFE with 30 meters wide and crosses the entire ejido.

The second section is two lots (second (2) and third (3) lot) with 8.425 m2 in total.(2) second batch much with 6,379.398 m2 in one side with 75.9 linear meters also looks Colosio Avenue side of the 4-lane, another side that meets the Lot (3) linear 79.48mts measured.

And the third item (3) measuring 3,509.44 m2 is attached to each batch 2in sides in 79.84 linear meters and joins with the batch No.2, in another of its sides in 38.03 linear meters looks at the VA. Colosio and other side 2 vacant lots with the possibility of being able to buy.

Also there is a surplus government property on the edge and adjacent to the Av. Colosio between 11 and 13 meters varying along the 170 linear meters, and which could be negotiated and purchased the land register.

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All listings priced in US$. If you are interested in this property, please contact James at 1.888.980.6448 or [email protected]

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