Lots for Sale Located in Ecological Community

  $89,000 - Land For Sale, Under $200K
MLS #06318 1 hectare

Located in a privileged area for its beautiful and delicate aquifers, vibrant green jungles; it has timid and  extraordinary  animals, surrounded by ancient culture found in Kuyabeh. This self-sustaining ecological community is located on the Tulum-Coba, highway is precisely 34 kilometers between the two ruins, considered the most beautiful in the Yucatan Peninsula.
Our goal in creating this responsibly ecological community is to care for and preserve our Mexican heritage, leave a legacy for future generations while preserving the forest and ancestral people, the Maya. We have created a foundation to benefit the local population and the surrounding area.
Our first phase Balam (jaguar in Mayan) consist of 94 lots of 1 hectare and breathtaking common areas: 20 hectares of jungle / park, hiking and / or cycle tracks, natural terraces, interactive workshops, and culture areas fertilizer, observation tower wildlife, palapa and our beautiful cenote among many more amenities. There will be enough activities to do in our community and surroundings. permeable streets, alternative energy, natural / organic crops, our holistic meditation and yoga area using local and natural materials for the construction of housing Kuyabeh make a home not only dream but a project


All listings priced in US$. If you are interested in this property, please contact James at 1.888.980.6448 or [email protected]

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