Majestic One Hectare Lot with Spectacular Cenote – Lot

Cenotes $1,850,000 - Land For Sale, Luxury Properties ($1M+)
MLS #05760 10764 sq ft

Nested in the lush jungle of the Riviera Maya this unique property is a wonderland of outer and inner beauty. The large cenote with crystal clear water is home to the world’s longest single-entrance submerged cave – with 15 kilometers of huge and spectacular underwater passages filled with intricate rock formations and crystal clear water this cave still hides many secrets for future explorers and movie crews.
The property has been developed with conservation and coexistence with nature in mind, yet at the same time is easily accessible and can be enjoyed by everyone. Proof of this successful co-existence is the fact that wildlife continues to be seen along the surrounding jungle roads.
Built in authentic Mayan and Asian styles the property features a private road through the jungle, meditation hall, reception, kitchenette, off-grid electricity, restroom, and ample space for parking. A cozy sweat lodge offers the awesome opportunity for a complete body cleanse and the exceptionally unique Buddhist stupa rises prominently in the middle of the property overlooking the cenote, gently empowering the soul and bringing outer and inner peace and harmony.
The layout and sheer natural beauty of the property are truly unparalleled in the Riviera Maya and this becomes clearly evident to each and every visitor. Snorkeling and swimming, dining or simply relaxing in the big cavernous entrance is an exquisite experience that simply cannot be matched or replicated anywhere else.
The surrounding area attracts the keen eye of investors and hosts an increasing number of boutique hotels, spas, eco adventure parks and developments, bringing in infrastructure and driving real estate prices higher by the year.
This marvelous property is the dream location for year-round activities such as meditation and yoga retreats, exclusive private events, exclusive private residences that will be unique worldwide or a commercial tourist attraction.
It is impossible to properly convey the ambiance and exquisite atmosphere of this property through descriptions and photographs. It has to be seen in person. Nowhere else in the Riviera Maya can one feel magic in such a way.


All listings priced in US$. If you are interested in this property, please contact James at 1.888.980.6448 or [email protected]

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